How Freesky Policy facilitate Charter Flight Passengers to save time

To confirm a charter flight for America domestic flight or Europe Domestic flight minimal lead time needed is only 6 Hours:

Freesky Policies:

Unlike Asia, North America and Europe adopt a much more efficient approach to their sky policies. The Freesky policies approach in North America and Europe regions have also benefited private jet charterers.

As long as the Charter Flight Airlines/ Operators have fulfilled prior audit done by local Civil Aviation Authority/ FAA, the operators that are registered in USA/ Canada/ Europe can take off with as minimal as 6 hours notice due in some routings all they need is just a slot availability in the destination airport. 

An Example of Seamless Commercial to Private Jet Transfer (Fly JAL to Los Angeles then Private Jet Charter from Los Angeles to Phoenix ):

Giving you an example,  we once have a passenger who only called us when he was waiting in the First Class lounge in Tokyo for his JAL flights from Tokyo to Los Angeles. He needed a connecting private jet in Los Angeles to take him to Phoenix. The charter flight was procured and confirmed before his JAL

flight taken off, and when he landed in Los Angeles an escort was waiting for him outside the Arrival Hall. The escort then leaded passengers to the Private Jet Terminal/ FBO where a private jet was waiting for him and took off to Phoenix. 

15 Minutes Check In Prior Take Off (Avoid TSA Queue in Commercial Airlines)

You would recall when you take commercial flight inside the USA, there is always a long queue before it’s your turn to go X-ray, say a minimal of 45 minutes wait time. Taking off from Private Jet Terminal in USA, you only need to arrive airport 15 minutes prior. Quite often when the jet is fueled and prepared with Pilots confirmation ready to board, you can board as soon as you arrive at the airport. This feature is great for business travelers who are on a roadshow of tightly packed schedules.


Planeside to Car Transfer in Tarmac/Ramp Upon Landing

In some 2nd tier city airport in the USA, you may also benefit from plane to car transfer when you land, which means you save both times and reduce hassles of travels. The car would drive into tarmac/ramp to pick you up when your jet arrives. Please take note this feature does not apply in all airports due to airport security reasons. In general, the busier the airport, the less available this feature is.


Visa-Free Transit in Europe:

If you are traveling via Europe and you don’t have Schengen Visa, some European airports would arrange an internal commercial airplane to private jet transfer without you going via Custom. We will discuss this more later.

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