Should I buy a jetcard membership? 

Compare to purchasing an aircraft or owning an aircraft, owning a jet card does give you the convenience of mobilizing a private jet 24 hours within confirmation. The financial involvement for jet cards varies depending on the aircraft type and the number of hours plans you go for. The costing of jet cards starts from USD 100k up plus membership fee. In some jet card arrangement where fractional ownership is involved, the cost can go up to millions of USD.

To decide which jet card model you should purchase, we would recommend you to ask yourself below questions:

  1. Do you often fly a one-way trip? (1 point for yes, 0 point for no)
  2. Do you often fly a multi-city trip? ( 0 point for yes, 1 point for no)
  3. Do you often same day or 2 days return trip? ( 0 point for yes, 1 point for no)
  4. Do you often fly international trips with each flight for more than 5 hours? ( 0 point for yes, 1 point for no)
  5. Do you often book a last-minute trip with 24-72 hours of lead time? (1 point for yes, 0 point for no)
  6. Do you use at least 8 times private jet per year? ( 1 point for yes, 0 point for no)
  7. Do you worry about being charged an exit fee when you cannot finish all your hours in your jet card? ( 0 point for yes, 1 point for no)

If you score 3 points or below, you can consider a mixture of using ad hoc charter and jet card simultaneously; if you score 4 points or above, ad hoc charter is certainly better for you.

Always remember, the jet card option does not equal to money-for-value option. In reality, in the jet card model, you quite frequently have to pay a 70-100% premium to compare to an ad-hoc charter model. What the jet card model offers is a guaranteed availability if you book with at least 72 hours’ notice. It saves you hassles of worrying aircraft availability and hassles of administering payment on a weekend flight booking.

Contact us for jet card analysis and find the jet card that is most suitable to your travel pattern.

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