Revealing the 7 most popular private jet for pets travel in Asia

private jet for pets travel in asia

Due to the epidemic and strict control in Asia in general, it becomes impossible for pet owners to fly their pets via commercial airlines like Cathay Pacific or Virgin Atlantic. Therefore, pet owners have turned to charter a private jet via sharing. This blog will look at most commonly used private jet for pets travel in asia.

Sharing a private jet while flying with pets features below:


  1. Due to cost optimization, you would try to upload as many as 10 or more pets. Due to travel restrictions or immigration rules associated with pets in destinations (such as the UK), pets owners have to coordinate and teamwork well to fulfill the share jet’s departure timing. 
  2. Cage to be used an onboard private jet. There are 2 types of private jet owners: 1. the owners who do not accept any pets 2. the owners who accommodate pets subject to the size of the cage. The principle is the cage should be a size that allows reasonable room inside the cabin for servicing or safety purposes. 
private jet for pets travel in asia cage size

1. Private jet for pets travel in Asia- the most spacious private jets for pets travel: Lineage 1000

Lineage 1000 has a cabin as long as 26 meters holding a maximum of 19 passengers. Lineage 1000 distinguishes itself from other private jets that it has 3 separate cabins whereas most other private jets has up to 2 separate cabins.
When it comes to flying pets, Lineage 1000 would limit the maximum number of passengers to 15 plus 15 pets. Such restrictions apply due to should a change of aircraft is needed due to force de majure, it would be difficult to find aircraft that can take more than 15 passengers at a cost of Lineage. Aircraft that can take up to 19 passengers would usually be a Boeing Business Jet or Airbus Corporate Jet, which operating cost is at least double of Lineage1000.

Click here to see more interior picture and floorplan of Lineage 1000.

private jet for pets travel in asia - most spacious jet lineage 1000

2. The longest range pet private jet: Gulfstream 650

Gulfstream 650 has a maximum performance range of up to 14 hours. Take Hong Kong – London route, for example, Gulfstream 650 is the only aircraft that can fly Hong Kong- London non-stop with a full payload of 13 passengers.
The owner of Gulfstream 650 (until April 2022) tends to restrict to a maximum of 5 pets inside the cabin.

Click here to see more information about Gulfstream 650.

3. The most value for money private jet for pet travel: Gulfstream 4

Gulfstream 4 is also manufactured by Gulfstream, it is one of the most massively produced models. Gulfstream 4 cabin is 13.7 meters in length and it can take a maximum of 12 passengers with 13 pets. Gulfstream 4 has a performance range of 8 hours so would be needing one fuel stop flying from Hong Kong to London. The operating cost of Gulfstream 4 is about USD 6800 per hour. Take Hong Kong – London for example, the mission flights plus ferry flight is 12 X 2 = 24 hours X 6800 = USD 163k . Take 13 pets for example, per pet transport fee is about USD 13k (excluding airport  landing fee, permit fee, pet fee, cleaning fee) 

Click here to see private jet charter cost components and formulae.

4. The best pet private jet to overfly a large amount of water: Falcon 900

Falcon 900 is designed to compete against Gulfstream 4 by Dassault France. Falcon 900 distinguishes itself from other jets in that Falcon 900 has 3 engines. Due to 3 engines design, Falcon 900 performs exceptionally well when it comes to overflying a large amount of water or landing in highland airports. The logic behind this is in case one of the engines were to fail, Falcon 900 still has 2 other engines to provide power. Falcon 900 can take up to 12 passengers with 13 pets.

private jet for pets travel in asia

5. The most massively produced private jet: Bombardier Global 6000

Global 6000 is manufactured by Bombardier Canada, it may be one of the most massively produced private jets. Due to its being massively produced, the aircraft supply of Global 6000 on the charter market is abundant. The Global 6000 can take a maximum of 13 passengers with 10 pets. 

We find this youtube online that features a Global 6000 cabin. Click here to see. Credit to author.


6. The private jet that can accommodate most pets: Boeing 737

Boeing 737 private jet is converted to 52 VIP seat configuration.Take Hong Kong – London route, for example, the payload is restricted to 20 passengers with 20 pets. Boeing 737 has a maximum performance of 5 hours. Boeing 737 private jet would need 2 fuel stops flying from Hong Kong to London.

7. The most popular private jet carrying pets for Hong Kong-Thailand Routing: Hawker 800

Hawker 800 passenger cabin length is 6.5 meters. Hawker 800 can carry a maximum of 8 passengers plus pets. The maximum amount of pets allowed on board is subject to the size of the cage. Take a Hong Kong- Bangkok flight, for example, the operation cost of Hawker 800 is slightly shy of USD 30k making it the best choice for a southeast Asia Pet Travel Private Jet.

private jet for pets travel in asia thailand
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