Travel with dog on private jet:

Take your dog for a small holiday break nearby the Gold Coast or emigrate with your dog, traveling with the dog on a private jet can reduce the dog’s anxiety of travel.

If you travel with your dogs on scheduled service in Asia, you are now bounded to send your dogs with the airlines’ cargo cabin. I was told the cargo cabin was both cold and dark. Pets owner are reluctant to ship their beloved dogs in cargo cabin.

Benefits of travel on private jet with your dog:

  1. You can keep your dog stay next to you on the private jet. No more cold cargo cabin.
  2. You may allow your dog to walk around in the passenger cabin subject to crew’s approval. Given of cause the dog does not cause any damage/dirt to the aircraft.
  3. You choose your departure timing required. With the HK protest situations going on, HKBAC is less congested as it used to be.

Download things you have to notice when you fly with your dog via HK airport on private jet.

Recently , pets travel to Hong Kong by private jet become more frequent and there is a trend on the increasing number of pets in each trip as well. Since the loading area for private jet at the aviation centre does not have proper facilities for quarantine and inspection of animals, it is not suitable for handling a large number of animals at a time. Moreover, private jet is not designed for carrying animals, it
may cause danger during the loading process of animals especially for large dogs.

Owing to the above reasons, this Department imposes the following requirements for pets travel by private jets and apply immediately to all new applications.

  1. Maximum number of pets carried by each flight is 10 heads;
  2. Only small or medium sized dog is recommended to be travelled by
    private jet (body weight is 20kg or below). For the large dog, suitable loading facilities and sufficient manpower (at least two staff) shall be available to ensure the
    animal can be loaded or unloaded in the safety way;
  3. Pets must be kept in a cage or container during
    the process of off-loading from aircraft until to the quarantine facilities;
  4. Known Dangerous Dogs and fighting dogs with valid dog licence are not allowed to be travelled by private jet.

Failure to comply with the above
requirements, the permit condition  for travellin g as manife st cargo will not be waived.

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