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Air Ambulance Asia : What does family member need to prepare?

1. You need Medical Report so that doctor knows what equipment to take onboard the Air Ambulance Asia:

With medical evacuations or humanitarian relief flights, permits for the charter plane is issued at much quicker speed as short as 6 hours. In order to file the permit as medical evacuations permits, a medical report issued by a hospital patient currently resides is needed. On the medical report, it’s important to highlight that it’s a medical recommendation for patients to fly a charter plane and his/her disease is not transferrable via air. 


In addition, the medical team on the plane needs to review this report in order to access what equipments are needed on board. 

2. You need to know What type of aircraft to use:

For Air Ambulance Asia, depending on the illness patient suffer, the patient may use a medical aircraft which is dedicated to medical transfer or a VIP private jet converted air ambulance. During mass natural disaster incidents or peak travel seasons, Medical planes can run limited in supply. This is why for some patient who does not need a full reclined stretcher, we would also recommend a VIP private jet aeroplane escorted with a suitable medical nurse (if applicable). 

Air Ambulance Asia Gulfstream ICU equipments onboard
VIP private jet with fully reclined beds can be installed with stretcher to convert to Air Ambulance Asia depending on patient medical conditions

3. You need to know How much is a medical evacuation plane going to cost:

Depending on the complexity of medical cases costing varies. In general, you may use our Quote-bot to have an estimated pricing.

4. You need to know Is medical evacuation charter flight reimbursable by your insurance?

It really depends. We to check with your insurance agent if this is something that can be covered by your current policy. For the costing involved in order for insurance approve please do contact us for an accurate quote. 

For more SOS insurance-related questions in Taiwan please see

5. Remarks about Medical Evacuations – our experiences sharing

During Medical Evacuation, time is of essence. A timely and logical decision is very helpful to patients’ recovery.

To make a timely and logical decision, bear in mind a couple points:

Please provide 1. medical report  2. Get an estimated quote from us 3. Check with your insurance company if they would cover the medical evacuations expense.  

If the medical evacuations fee would be covered by the insurance company, please ask them to contact us and we will retrieve medical report from them and proceed next steps.

If the medical evacuations fee cannot be covered by your insurer, we need to look for an alternative solution as soon as possible. One of the solutions is to transfer the patient to the closest major hospital. For example, a patient transfer via medical airplane from Indonesia to Singapore would be about USD 30,000 (subject to aircraft availability at time of confirmation).

After you decide which option to take, please conclude to proceed and arrange payment as soon as possible. 

During major medical incidents, the aircraft availabilities are very restricted. Operators/Airlines are only able to secure aircraft and crew for the mission upon payment fund cleared. 

Despite  medical evacuation permit would be expediated by Civil Aviation Authorities in general, sometimes setting up a medical evacuation charter flight can take up to 48-72 hours.

 This is due to crew rest required post long haul ferry flight. Crew rest is needed to maintain safety and lawful flight. Such crew rest involved up to 15 hours minimal.

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