Last-minute holiday destination booking by private jet

Behind the holiday schedule? You work so hard all the years around and suddenly you realize the holiday is around the corner and you have not prepared anything to pamper yourself and your beloved families? Here is some last-minute holiday destination for your reference:

Yangon, Myanmar

The city still keeps a lot of its ancient traits. A Buddhist city, formerly known as Burma with worthless cash. Not overly crowded with tourist, you can enjoy a tranquil ancient city. Drop by the Ngapali Beach before your return from holiday to work.

Landing permit to Yangon is about 3 working days to arrange.

The landing permit for Yangon takes about 3 working days. With a 11 seaters Challenger 604 / 605 4 days 3 nights trip it’s about USD 57000 from either Hong Kong Macau or Singapore.

Gan Island, Maldives

If you do not like transit flight and always prefer direct flight, the shortest displacement travel like me, Gan Island is a good alternative to Male in the Maldives. When you fly into Male, more often than not you have to stay overnight in the Island of Male to wait for next day sea-plane flight connection. This is due to sea-plane usually only flies in the day time. However, if you fly into Gan Island, you hop on a shuttle boat organized by Shangrila Gan Hotels and begin your holiday straight away.

Overflying India is about 5 working days to obtain permit.

The overflight permit overflying the Indian Ocean (where Gan Island locates) takes 5 working days. With a 10 seaters Falcon 2000, 5 days 4 nights trip it’s about USD 60,000 (departing from Singapore area) – USD 90,000 (departing from Hong Kong area).

All quotations are subject to the availability of aircraft, pilots, permits, and parking available at the time of confirmation.

The private jet can depart from any city. Above departure city using Hong Kong / Macau / Singapore only as an example. Contact us for more quotations information. No pressure booking, it’s a pleasure to provide some last-minute help on your holiday vacations!

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