How much to charter a plane

Demystifying Private Jet Charter Costs: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re new to the world of private jet chartering, understanding the cost dynamics is crucial. In this guide, we’ll break down the private jet cost formula and provide practical examples to help you grasp the essentials.

Private Jet Charter Cost Formulae

The charter price of a private jet is determined by several factors. The general formula is as follows:

Private Jet Charter Cost Components

Charter Price = Per Hour Charter Cost × Number of Flight Hours (Mission) +  Per Hour Charter Cost × Number of Ferry Hours  + Landing Fees in Airports + Overfly Permit Fees + Crew Overnight Fee 

Private Jet Charter Cost Formulae: Components of Private Jet Charter Cost


Hong Kong to Langkwai (3 Days Return)

Aircraft: 9-seaters
Per Hour Price: USD 6500

Flight Details

– Hong Kong to Langkwai each way : 4 hours
– Return trip: 8 hours


– Hong Kong Airport landing fee: USD 15500
– Langkwai Airport landing fee: USD 5000
– Miscellaneous costs (overfly permit): USD 2000
– Crew overnight (2 nights): USD 1500 × 2

Total Charter Cost

Total Charter Cost: USD 77,500

Private Jet Charter Cost Breakdown HKG Langkawi 3 days 2 nights return on a 9 seaters private jet

New York to Boston (Single Trip)

-Aircraft: 6-seaters
-Per Hour Price: USD 4000

Flight Details

– New York to Boston (Mission Flight): 1 hour
– Ferry Flight (Empty back to New York): 1 hour


-New York Airport landing fee: USD 2000

– Boston Airport landing fee: USD 2000
– Crew overnight fee: USD 0 (plane back to base immediately)
– Federal Exercise Tax (7.5% on revenue): USD 900

Total Charter Cost

Total Charter Cost: USD 12,900

Private Jet Charter Cost Breakdown New York Boston oneway on a 6 seaters private jet

Key Considerations

Home Base

Private airplanes have a home base, and even for one-way flights, the cost of sending the plane empty back to the base (Ferry Flight) is included.

Cost Deviations

Costs can vary significantly across different locations. For instance, the landing fee at Beijing airport, plus tax, can be as high as USD 18,000.

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Understanding private jet charter costs is a vital step in making informed decisions. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy flying!

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