How much to charter a plane

How much is it to charter a private jet?

Private Jet Cost Formulae:

If you are new to chartering a plane, you may want to get an overview of jet charter prices. 

The charter price of a jet is made up of below formula, in general: 

Charter Price = Per Hour Charter Cost X Number of Hours (Mission+Ferry) + Landing Fees in Airports + Crew Overnight Fee + Permit fees


Hong Kong Langkwai (3 days Return) Price

Using a 9 seaters, per hour price is USD 6500 

Hong Kong to Langkwai each way is 4 hours, hence a return trip is 8 hours

Hong Kong Airport landing fee lets say it is USD 6800

Langkwai Airport landing fee lets say it is USD 5000

Crew overnight in Langkwai for 2 nights it’s USD 1500 per night times 2 nights

Miscellaneous cost such as overfly permit let’s take it as USD 2000

Total charter cost is 6500X8 + 6800 + 5000 + 1500X2 + 2000 = USD 68,000


New York – Boston (Single Trip)

Using a 6 seaters, per hour price is USD 4000

New York to Boston Mission Flight it is 1 hour 

After dropping off the passenger , the aircraft ferry empty back to New York Base, so Ferry Flight is 1 hour 

New York Airport landing fee lets say it is USD 2000

Boston Airport landing fee lets say it is USD 2000

Crew overnight fee is Zero  ( as plane back to base immediately) 

Federal Exercise Tax is 7.5% on revenue so about USD 900

Total charter cost is USD 4000X2 + 2000 + 2000 +0 + 900 = USD 12900

Private Plane all have its homebase

Now, remember that the private airplanes all have a base. Even if you are flying a one-way flight, the airlines will have to charge you the cost to send the airplane empty back to base. This is called the Ferry Flight.

Cost Deviations

On and off you will find great deviations of costing across different locations. For example, the landing fee in Beijing airport plus tax is as high as USD 14400. 

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