Entertain Your Guests Like a Private Jet Owner on a Charter Flight: 6 Tips



Chartering a private jet offers an exquisite opportunity to entertain your business associates without the financial burden and depreciation that comes with owning a private jet. With private jets depreciating at an average rate of 10% per year, allocating the same amount of money towards more strategic investments becomes a wiser choice. By opting for a charter flight, you can provide a luxurious experience for your guests, showcasing your commitment to their comfort while making astute financial decisions.

Tips for Entertaining Your Guests on a Charter Flight:

1. Pre-Flight Briefing:

Start by providing a thorough pre-flight briefing to the charter company, emphasizing the importance of impressing your guests. Share comprehensive details about the passengers on board, their relationships, and clearly identify the main guests and the host. This enables the crew to tailor their services accordingly, ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience.

2. Carefully Plan the Catering Menu:

Carefully Plan the Catering Menu. Delight your guests by meticulously curating a catering menu that caters to the preferences of the main guests while considering the host’s tastes. This thoughtful touch showcases your attention to detail and ensures that everyone feels pampered throughout the journey.

You may find more information here on what to order on private jet : https://flylibrajet.com/catering-on-the-private-jet-what-to-order/


3. Seat Arrangements:

Utilize the provided floorplan to strategically assign seats. Prioritize the comfort and proximity of the host and main guests, creating an atmosphere conducive to engaging conversations and fostering stronger business relationships. Boarding together with your guests adds a personal touch, as the cabin crew guides everyone to their designated seats.


4. Personalized Attention Onboard:

Leverage the presence of the cabin crew to provide personalized instructions and guidance. Share your preferences for the service sequence, entertainment options, and bedding setup (for long-haul flights). As your nearby guests listen, they will appreciate the care and thoughtfulness extended to them, elevating their experience as if they were being hosted on a private jet.


5. Updates During the Flight:

Consider the comfort of all passengers by communicating your preferences regarding in-flight updates. If you prefer to receive information such as weather conditions or anticipated turbulence, communicate this to the cabin crew and pilots. Conversely, if you wish to minimize updates, let them know in advance. This level of consideration enhances the overall experience for your guests.

6. Express Gratitude Before Landing

As the journey nears its end, seize the opportunity to express gratitude to the cabin crew and pilots. Acknowledge their efforts with words of appreciation, emphasizing the successful journey and your anticipation of future trips. Recognizing their contribution fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere, reflecting the care and attention you extend to your guests.


Chartering a private jet to entertain your guests allows you to provide a luxurious experience while avoiding the financial burdens associated with private jet ownership. By choosing a charter flight, you can allocate your resources more strategically, bypassing the depreciating investment of owning a private jet. Implementing the provided tips ensures your guests feel valued, pampered, and impressed, while maintaining a savvy approach to your business decisions. The charter flight experience becomes a remarkable chapter in your business relationships, leaving a lasting impression of your commitment to their comfort and enjoyment.


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