Insider: The Gulfstream 650 that Elon Musk also owns: Private Jet Gulfstream G650 Price and Tips for G650 Charter

Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Price and Gulfstream G650 Depreciation Cost

In the realm of private jet ownership, the Gulfstream G650 stands as a pinnacle of luxury. Potential buyers and jet enthusiasts can now easily access the latest Gulfstream G650 prices on public websites, demystifying the once exclusive knowledge surrounding this elite aircraft. The current calling price for G650 is about 40million USD as listed publicly. 

gulfstream g650 cost per hour

Gulfstream G650 Price Breakdown: Understanding the Numbers

At present, the G650 commands a market value of approximately 40 million USD. However, for G650s aged more than four years, a 10% annual depreciation looms, translating to an inevitable 4 million USD expense posted to your books each year. Consider this: if you place 4 million USD in a fixed deposit, the current interest rate would effortlessly yield an annual interest of 200k for you. This strategic financial move presents a sharp contrast to the 4 million USD loss incurred each year through aircraft depreciation.

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Charter Gulfstream G650 – A Smarter Approach to Luxury Trave

For those yearning to experience the sheer opulence of a Gulfstream 650 flight without shouldering the financial burden of ownership, chartering a Gulfstream G650 emerges as a compelling option.

Chartering a Gulfstream G650 not only provides an opportunity to relish the luxury of this iconic aircraft but also presents a financially astute alternative. By opting for charter services, individuals can indulge in the extravagance of a G650 without grappling with the substantial upfront costs, ongoing depreciations, and maintenance expenses associated with private jet ownership.

Gulfstream G650 Cost Per Hour 


The Gulfstream G650 cost per hour charter is as low as USD 12,500. For sought-after routes like Shanghai to Middle East, the Gulfstream G650er charter cost starts at only USD 120,000. This implies that if you were to own a G650, the annual depreciation cost of 4 million USD would enable you to take 33 G650 charter flights between Shanghai and Middle East. Plus, you can enjoy the convenience without the concerns of hiring pilots or ensuring expensive and time-consuming aircraft maintenance to comply with airworthiness standards.

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Navigating the Skies: Top G650 Charter Tips You Can’t Miss G650?

Here are a few tips when you charter the Gulfstream G650:

  1. Use it primarily for long-haul routes (more than 7 hours), as short-haul routes (less than 5 hours) could diminish the engine’s resale value. Consequently, airlines may be hesitant to take on such jobs. If you insist on using the G650 for short-haul routes, there’s a high chance that the Gulfstream G650 cost per hour charter may exceed USD 12,500.

  2. The Gulfstream G650, being one of the latest models produced by Gulfstream, is extensively equipped with the latest Wifi technology. Exercise caution in managing Wifi costs onboard. Depending on the Wifi package you sign up for, the cost can be as high as USD 30,000 if not managed in advance. 

  3. If the purpose of renting the Gulfstream G650 is to entertain your business partners or your parents-in-law, read here for a few tips on how to entertain guests onboard as if you own the private jet.

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Gulfstream G650 remains most popular private jet model for long haul routings between Asia and Europe , Asia and Middle East, Asia and USA

Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna, Nextant are the major US Private Jet design and manufacturers. Currently, besides Nextant, they all sell private aircraft in Asia. 

Below US designed and manufactured aircraft models are in operation on the market : 

US designed and produced privates jets sold in china1
US designed and produced privates jets sold in china2

Above Hourly Charter Rates are yet to exclude any third party costs such as landing fee, crew accommodation fee, permit fee etc. For how to calculate the fee of a charter flight please see private jet charter cost calculation formulae here.

Why Gulfstream G650 remains most popular jet for Asian passengers?

One of our clients  flown different aircraft models via us previously. We have provided him with Gulfstream 650,  Dassault Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global 6000, Gulfstream 550. He comments on his fondness of Gulfstream 650 most. 

He feedbacks that Gulfstream 650 provides outstanding comfort. Comparing to other models he flown, Gulfstream 650 features a much quieter cabin especially at the main bedroom (which is usually located near the engine). Also, the air pressure cast on ears during taking off and landing are so trivial that it’s negligible.  


What does Crew say about Gulfstream G650 in cross-continental flights?

From an operations point of view, Gulfstream 650 has a performance range of 14 hours non-stop even under part 135 executions. This is an excellent performance range for ultra long haul flights such as from USA to China. 

14 hours non stop performance means should there be any unforeseen route changes due to weather disruptions or air traffic tower requirements, G650 has more flexibility to accommodate these last-minute route changes compares to other models that are restricted by performance range.

Every aircraft is designed for its specific market position in the world. Gulfstream 650 is perfectly suitable for a direct flight between Asia and Europe, Asia and Middle East, Asia and America.

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