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Educational Trips for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs): Visit 4 Elite Private USA Schools in 2 days

In our previous articles of those visits that appreciate your assets, we have explored luxury art shows around the world. In this article, we will discuss educational travel, which is a valuable investment that appreciates over time.

Educational trips for HNWI Families: Family legacy and inheritance

As a high-net-worth individual, you understand the value of investing in your family’s future. A well-crafted family education plan can instill values of hard work, financial discipline, and wise management in future generations.

Passing wealth and success down through multiple generations, especially in HNWI families, can be challenging. One way to do this is through choosing a good school, which not only offers unique learning opportunities but also expand your childs horizon. 

Let’s look at for example, 4 Elite Private School in USA and then we will form an educational trip for HNWI families.

The magic 4 – Overview of 4 famous Elite Private School in USA

Putney School:

Distinctive features:

Emphasis on experiential education, hands-on learning, and sustainability. Students are encouraged to be independent, creative, and intellectually curious.

Suitable students: 

Self-motivated and intellectually curious students who thrive in a collaborative, experiential learning environment. The school is known for attracting students who are interested in the arts, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Wyoming Seminary Preparatory School:

Distinctive features:

Long history of academic excellence and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Strong focus on character development, community service, and global awareness.

Suitable students:

Highly motivated students who are seeking a challenging academic environment and are committed to personal growth, community service, and leadership development. The school is known for attracting students who are interested in a wide range of academic disciplines, including STEM, humanities, and the arts.

La Jolla Bishop School:

Distinctive features:

Emphasis on academic rigor, innovation, and character development. Strong focus on STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and experiential learning.

Suitable students:

Motivated and intellectually curious students who are seeking a challenging and innovative academic environment. The school is known for attracting students who are interested in STEAM fields and are interested in pursuing careers in technology, engineering, and other cutting-edge fields.

The Webb Schools:

Distinctive features:

 Strong emphasis on leadership development, character education, and hands-on learning. The school offers a unique program that combines rigorous academics with real-world experience through internships, service projects, and outdoor education.

Suitable students:

Highly motivated students who are interested in developing leadership skills, pursuing hands-on learning experiences, and making a positive impact in their communities. The school is known for attracting students who are interested in fields such as business, entrepreneurship, engineering, and environmental science.

Can you visit all 4 elite private schools in 2 days – Educational trip for HNWI families

Yes, by using a private jet charter service and this is how your flight routing would be like: 

With a private jet, you can visit multiple elite private schools in the US in just 2 days, without the hassle of commercial airline travel.  

The Benefits of a Customized Educational Trip for HNWIs

With a well-crafted family education plan, you can provide your children with access to the best schools and universities in the world, and give them a head start on their future careers. 

According to the Hurun Report, HNWI clients spend an average of approximately USD 280,000 per year on their children’s education. While money may not be a concern, time is a valuable asset. Wasting precious time on queues while traveling can be frustrating as well as navigating complex travel arrangements.

Use our Private Jet Charter Service to do what commercial airlines cannot do for you

That’s where private jet charter comes in. By chartering a private jet for your educational travels, you can save time, reduce stress, and travel in comfort and style. 

You can visit multipie cities in a short time using private jet charter.

Tarmac access: from ground vehicle to private jet directly

In the remote airports in USA you also benefits from Tarmac Access which is a plus to have on top of swift 15 minutes boarding lead time. 

Read more about USA and Europe domestic charter flight operations here:

Plan Your Educational Trip : Admission Assistance to Elite Private School in USA

Take, for example, the itinerary we’ve crafted for an Asian family visiting schools in the US. The family first take Cathay Pacific flight to land into New York, and takes a private jet to KAVP to visit the Wyoming Seminary Prep School. From there, they take another private jet to KLEB to visit the Putney School. After spending the night in San Diego, they visit Bishop La Jolla and Webb School before flying out of KLAX airport to Hong Kong.


Contact Us to Start Planning Your Educational Trip Today!

By chartering a private jet, the HNWI family saves hours of travel time, gains flexibility in their schedule, and can focus on what’s most important – their children’s education.

We specialize in private jet charters for Asia, domestic USA, and domestic Europe. Contact us for more information.

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