Genie in the bottle: Your 3 wishes will all be granted this Christmas

First Wish: 

Fly from Bangkok – Hong Kong at a discount private jet charter price of USD 15000 up only for 8-10 passengers. 

Private Jet Discount Bangkok - Hong Kong

Second Wish:

Move to Thailand with your little ones finally, and also, comfortably.

Discount Private Jet Hong Kong - Bangkok

Third Wish:

Spend your magical Christmas with your beloved family in Hong Kong. For a 10 days Return trip Bangkok – Hong Kong – Bangkok you will be only be charged USD 30,000 for 8 passengers hence each passenger only USD 3750! 

Discover Hong Kong Here.

Bangkok - Hong Kong - Bangkok 10 days return private jet flight on discount


Special Discount is on first come first served basis. Empty Leg flight is subject to empty leg conditions.

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