Who, When, How to get Diplomatic Permit in Private Jet Charter

When do you need diplomatic permit in private jet charter?

In non-covid timings, diplomatic permit usage normally is needed when diplomats or high-level government delegation is travelling on board. 
However, during the Pandemic the borders of some countries remained shut. In these cases, the entry of private jets to these closed countries would need diplomatic assistance. These private jets maybe serve for repatriation or air ambulance purposes. 

How do you get diplomatic permit in private jet charter?

Please proceed to the embassy that represents your country (where you passports resides with) and raise the request. Your embassy then will send the application to the foreign affair department. Your foreign affair department will then send a request to the destinations’ foreign affair departments. The foreign affair departments of destinations will seek internal approvals and then send the permit approval instructions to the destinations’ civil aviation department. 

How long does it take to get diplomatic permit?

It varies from country. In massive humanitarian incidence, we have seen diplomatic permits granted within a couple of hours (such as when a civil war is on the outbreak verge).

For state-level government visit delegation, we recommend keeping 5 working days minimal for the embassies and foreign affairs departments to work on the communications.

Who is eligible to get diplomatic permit?

In non-covid timings, usually, only diplomats/government delegation is entitled to a diplomatic permit.
In covid timings, repatriation, humanitarian relief, air ambulance flights may get assistance from diplomatic channels.
Diplomatic Permit In Private Jet Charter

Template of diplomatic permit application letter

If you need to apply for a diplomatic permit and looking for a template, please contact us by clicking here.
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