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Private Jet Price United States: Cost, Permit, Boarding Procedures

Private Jet Price United States, where does private jet land in United States?

There’s vast amount of private jet dedicated airports in USA. For example in New York there’s Teterboro airport which is only 20 minutes drive to downtown Manhattan.

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Private Jet Boarding Procedures United States San Jose Airport:

Boarding Terminal: San Jose Signature Flight Support 

Boarding Time: 15 minutes prior departure.

Boarding Procedure:

  1. Arrive in style with your limousine 15 minutes before departure at San Jose airport.
  2. Your limousine may drive directly into Plane Side Tarmac as long as you notice us in advance.
  3. Board the private jet from your limousine. Luggage will be uploaded directly from your limousine to the private jet.
  4. For International Flight, Immigration Officer will come onboard to clear your passports. For Domestic USA flights no CIQ needed.
  5. Aircraft door close and take off.

Why you can save time if you charter a jet inside America/ Europe


What is the private jet price from/to USA?

United States New York NY to Boston MA  / Flight time 1 Hours / Citation Jet 2 (6 seaters) USD 9,000 up

United States San Francisco CA to Seattle WA / Flight time 1.75 Hours / Citation Mustang (4 seaters) USD 12,500 up

United States Las Vegas NV to San Jose CA  / Flight time 4.5 Hours / Challenger 850 (13 seaters) USD 16,000 up

United States West Coast to East Coast/ Flight time 4.5 Hours / Gulfstream 4 (14 seaters) USD 46,000 up

United States West Coast to Hong Kong / Flight time 14 Hours / Gulfstream 650ER (13 seaters) USD 210,000 up

Beijing China to United States West Coast / Flight time 11.5 Hours / Gulfstream 650ER (13 seaters) USD 200,000 up

United States West Coast to Tokyo  / Flight time 9 Hours / Gulfstream 650ER (13 seaters) USD 170,000 up

United States East Coast to Europe/ Flight time 7 Hours / Falcon 2000LX (10 seaters) USD 70,000 up


Remark: Above costing overview are estimated based on historic prices. Actual costing may varie subject to aircraft availability. Custom clearance or fuel stop maybe needed enroute for some routing.

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