Private Jet Price Singapore: Cost, Permit, Boarding Procedures

Private Jet Price Singapore Seletar Airport, where does private jet land in Singapore?

Private jet lands in Singapore Seletar (WSSL ; XSP) Airport. Singapore Seletar Airport is a Civilian Airport. Private jet charter permits to Singapore is needed. The airport also holds Air Force Training so private jet movement slot is restricted at certain hours.

Private Jet Boarding Procedures Singapore Seletar Airport:

Boarding Terminal: Singapore Seletar Business Aviation Center  

Boarding Time: 20 minutes prior departure.

Boarding Procedure:

  1. Arrive in style with your limousine 20 minutes before departure at Seletar Business Aviation Center
  2. A ground handler will meet you and collect your aircraft tail number.
  3. Resting area is available in front of custom officer counter.
  4. While you wait, the ground handler will take care of your passports and luggage screening.
  5. Custom clearance takes only 10 minutes for groups of less than 10 passengers.
  6. The ground handler will keep you informed and call the captain for boarding when the aircraft is ready.
  7. Ground handler will escort you onboard.
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What is the private jet price from/to Singapore?

Singapore to Subang Kuala Lumpur / Flight time 0.75 Hours / Gulfstream 150 (6 seaters) USD 15,000 up

Singapore to Phu Qoc  / Flight time 1.75 hours / Citation Excel (6 seaters) USD 18,800 up

Singapore to Jakarta Halim/ Flight time 1.75 Hours / Hawker 850 (8 seaters) USD 23,800 up

Singapore to Chenai/ Flight time 4.3 Hours / Gulfstream 150 (6 seaters) USD 52,700 up

Singapore to Auckland / Flight time 9.3 Hours /Global 6000 (13 seaters) USD 148,000 up

Singapore to Dubai/ Flight time 8 Hours / Gulfstream 550 (14 seaters) USD121,000  up

Singapore to Las Vegas USA / Flight time 15.25 hours/ Gulfstream 650ER (14 seaters) USD 230,000 up with one fuel stop enroute

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Remark: Above costing overview are estimated based on historic prices. Actual costing may varie subject to aircraft availability. Custom clearance or fuel stop maybe needed enroute for some routing.

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