Smaller qauntites but more varieties

Our taste buds become less sensitive in the air.

Recall how you (or the passengers) have gone via 10 meetings in one row on that day before you (they) get on the plane. By this time what would normally relief their stress is some comfort food. Vast articles has devoted in elaborated luxury catering on private aircraft. In this article, we are focusing on catering menu customization for busy (stressful) travelers. Some suggestions of comfort food and catering on private jet are :

1. Freshly made.
Catering bought in from Michelin restaurants may not taste as good as those freshly made onboard. So if there’s anything that can be made freshly onboard, order it. Some example are: Freshly made orange juices. Simple enough but you would be surprised how nice it is to have the freshly squeezed fruit in your glass. Other wonderful examples of freshly made ingredient served onboard I have seen are steamed fish, fried eggs and ham served with Nissin Sesame noodles, Vietnamese Beef Pho. Remember though you would need to have a cabin crew or chef who are able to execute these onboard and normally these are restricted to heavy jets or BBJ/ACJ only.

2. Vast combinations of variety at smaller portions. 

Quite often than not your appetize decrease when you are on plane. What you like on the ground may not be your fantasy anymore on the aircraft. Hence, order an assorted platter of snacks like menu with vast choice is wise. For example setting up an assorted platter of Chicken Satay served with French Baguette, Garlic Toast, Mini-Sushi Rolls, Canapes. Asking for a smaller portions so you are not guilty of waste of food, no pressure, easy and nice.

3. Try to order the local cuisine

I know we all miss home food when we travel. Try at your best to order western cuisine when you are in the west (even though you may miss Asian food badly) , and try to accommodate Chinese menu when you are travelling in China. Due to cultural differences the caterer may not know the best way to prepare your home town food. Setting aside the disappointments you may go via on plane, sometimes it can generate into a mini-disaster. For example, I have once seen a group of 30ish Asian passengers being served cold rice when they are travelling inside Europe. The cabin crew was not aware that rice must be served hot ( or maybe thought was not planned in advance so the plane booked did not come with an oven) 

4. Freshness and Freshness. 

Food hygiene is one issue. If your flight is departing early in the morning, you caterer most likely would have to prepare the food one night prior. Try to avoid sushi for early departure flights. 
Have you ever had a bad catering experience on your private jet plane? Share us your experience! 

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