What route did CA552 take when she carried Meng Wanzhou onboard?

Normal Routing when an aircraft flies from Vancouver to Shenzhen:

Nomral Routing when aircraft flies from Vancouver to Shenzhen

Normally you overfly Alaska, then some aircrafts would choose to avoid overflying Russia. Overflying Russia usually involves longer lead time to obtain overfly permit as well as higher air-route costing associated. If you avoid overflying Russia you could take a slightly southern route to overfly Japan instead.

The routing CA552 took when she carried Meng Wanzhou onboard:

Air China CA552 Meng Wanzhou Route

Air China CA552 however, when she carried Wan Mengzhou onboard, has taken the north pole routing. CA552 Meng Wanzhou Route first flown over Russia airspace and then arrived into China airspace. Apparently such routing would avoid overflying Alaska which is USA airspace. 

Can I request my private jet to change overfly routing?

Yes although we would say it would be under very special circumstances. Air route are highly regulated due to technical and safety concern. It would be at Captain’s discretion totally. However if you do have special concern you can always flag up to us and we would be very happy to look into it for you.  

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