Travel agents with royal corporate customers or HNWI may find it stressful when it comes to a last-minute change on the private jet itinerary. Here are 3 tips for facilitating last-minute change:

  1. Providing value-added service to customers. While you may excel already in airlines and hotels booking a private jet booking can cause you confusion at last minute. Do not panic. A private jet can be useful when you cannot find an existing commercial flight option. This may be because there’s no direct commercial flight available at the timing you need. Consider to use a mixture of Commercial airlines for intercontinental flights and use a private jet for the short-haul flights. Even if all else fails, 90% of the time your customers would find your value-added solution helpful and is appreciative of your efforts.
  2. Always backup with commercial airline service. This is because with private jet there are chances permit is not granted at last-minute change booking, hence your commercial airline booking service is always a plus and protective support to your royal and HNWI clients.
  3. Keep communications transparent. When it comes to last-minute change, confusion can happen when you involve a couple of parties. It’s critically important to keep communications transparent for a project to be successfully delivered.

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